Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tawasin of Unity

 The True is one, unique & lone.

Oneness & unity are in Him and from Him.

Here’s an image of this meaning:

Knowledge of His unity is solitary & discrete. This is an image of that knowledge:

Unity is an attribute of the unifier, not the unified with. If I say “I,” he says “I.” It’s for you, not for him. If I say “Unity returns to the unifier," & if I asked “how does one already unified return to unity?” & if I answered “from the unifier to the unified with,” then He appears attached in His lonesomeness.

If I say “the unity comes from His creation,” then his Essence becomes two essences, & that which converges with an essence. When the Essence isn’t essential, then it’s an essence, inessential. He disappeared when He revealed; where’d He go where there’s nowhere? O that & this can't be comprised.

- al Hallaj