Friday, August 13, 2010

I thought of you

اخذ ابوه بيده الى محفل من الناس في ايام الحج فسألهم ابوه ان يدعوا الله تعالي بالفراج فلما اخذ الناس في الدعاء انشأ يقول

ذكرتك والحجيج لهم ضجيج
بمكة والقلوب لها وجيب

فَقُلْتُ وَنَحْنُ فِي بَلدٍ حَرامٍ
بِهِ واللّه أُخْلِصَتِ القلُوبُ

أتوب إليك يارحمن مما
عملت فقد تظاهرت الذنوب

فأما من هوى ليلى وتركي
زِيارتَها فَإنِّي لا أَتوبُ

وكيف وعندها قلبي رهين
أتوب إليك منها أو أنيب

قيس بن الملوح‎

[The poet's] father drags him by the hand to a gathering of some in the midst of their Pilgrimage. His father asks them to implore God for his sake --- for freedom from sin. As the people take to prayer, [the poet] says:

I thought of you, as heart-crossed pilgrims
mixed their wail by Makkah; in this

hallowed land I called on Him, who
parts the heart of disbelief: O

Merciful, forgive me all for all I’ve done
that smacked or smelt of sin,

but as to my love for Layla & me leaving her
to foot her course alone -- I can’t side

with you; how could I, since she has my heart
devoted, turn to you, leaving her spurned?

- Qays ibn al-Mulawwah, from "Layla and Majnun"