Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mawqif of Station

He stopped me on my way & said to me:

"I know your station’s stopped before me now; I told you to come in, so come in. And when my Absence overwhelms you, come in."

"There’s no question of your station. It’s the house acquainting you with brethren of the heaven & the earth; the place through which they pass & converse with you."

He said "stop before me," so I stopped, but he, seeing how I sought him, didn’t act.

He said "I seek to act & for you to see me act: your station's in this vision, whereby you see ME act, like you see no one else. This place is the door to that place; this -- the place of your feebleness & that-- the place of your sustenance."

al Niffari